Excellence Auto understands that time is precious. An accident puts tremendous stress on a person's time. When you call Excellence Auto you will have a choice of: 1) coming to our shop and being shuttled back; or, 2) at no extra charge, a pickup and delivery service right back to your home or office (some restrictions apply).


Need a rental or insurance replacement? Canada Car Rental is the only car company that is ISO registered. Their cars are new and well maintained. Talk to them and they will advise you which car you can have as an insurance replacement. They also will come right to you and deliver your car to us and reverse valet when it is done.


To ensure the automobile you bought or leased maintains the excitement and driving experience that you purchased, Excellence Auto Collision offers to you the latest technology and training from factory protocols. We are equipped with the latest equipment and technical training to ensure your automobile is repaired with the most up to date procedures.

  • Unibody frame straightening from Celette and Car-O-Liner EVO systems

  • Computer controlled alloy detection spot welding

  • Dedicated aluminum repair modules

  • Dedicated carbon fibre repair modules

  • Boron and high strength steel welding

  • Ultra modern colour-spectrum analysis

  • Computer controlled down-draft spray booths with air accelerator for environmentally friendly water-borne paints

  • Dedicated detailing area including ionization process



At Excellence Auto having a car repaired to look like it has never been in an accident is only a small part of the repair process. We spend a lot of money on equipment and training to ensure that the repairs are to factory standards in safety and performance. Most of the equipment we use can be found at the manufacturing level. We take pride in repairing your car to original specifications.

Training & Certifications

Excellence Auto is a body shop equipped for BMW and Tesla aluminum repairs in the GTA. All technicians are required to be up to date with factory repair protocols. Every year each technician goes through branded certified training to learn the latest repair techniques on the latest models. Our computer systems are linked with proprietary technical information systems for BMW, MINI, VW, Audi and Tesla.


Our painters are registered master painters with BASF and Standox. Our computer controlled spray booths are calibrated for optimal air flow and baking to ensure the paint is cured properly. At Excellence Auto we document and adjust all colours to exclusively match your car. You can rest assured there will be no two tone cars coming back to you.


Excellence Auto cares about our environment. We were one of Canada's first auto body shops to switch over to OEM approved water-based paints. We are always striving to find better ways to protect our environment. We have implemented many recycling procedures to minimize waste and have eco-friendly consultants to reduce our carbon footprint.

OEM approved water-based paints