Excellence Auto understands that time is precious. An accident puts tremendous stress on a person's time. When you call Excellence Auto you will have a choice of:

Option 1: Coming to our shop and being shuttled back.

Option 2: Pickup and delivery service back to your home or office at no extra cost (some restrictions apply).

Car Rental

Need a rental or insurance replacement? Canada Car Rental is the only car company that is ISO registered. Their cars are new and well maintained. Talk to them and they will advise you which car you can have as an insurance replacement. They also will come right to you and deliver your car to us and reverse valet when it is done.


We pride ourselves on repairing your vehicle back to its original specifications.

  • Complimentary repair estimates
  • Windshield & glass repair
  • Refinishing
  • Dent removal
  • Touch-ups
  • Interior & exterior detail